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Welcome. Here you will find a collection of firmware enhancements and bug fixes for your Audi RNS-E and Seat Media System E.

SD Maps

With the purchase of a Feature Pack our custom firmwares allow you to store your navigation media on an RNS-E SD Card instead of a DVD.

Note that this feature is only compatible with the RNS-E 193 PU units. 192 units are limited to 4GB SDSC Cards, and unfortunately due to this hardware restriction cannot support this feature.

Purchase of a feature pack also includes a complimentary licence key for our Windows NavPOint software.

NavPOInt will allow you to format your SD Card to contain a map data partition, and copy over your selected navigation media. Additionally NavPOint can be used to add custom POI and full 7-digit postcode lookup to your map data.


NB: Sorry Mac users, NavPOInt is Windows only.

SD Map Operation

The SD Card with the specially formatted map partition should be placed in the SD Card slot 2 (right hand slot). When a map card is present in slot 2 it takes precedence over any DVD based navigation media in the RNS-E optical drive.

Firmware updates are not started when a navigation SD Card is present in slot 2. To perform a firmware upgrade you must use CD or DVD media, and you must remove any SD Card navigation media from slot 2.

Approximately 8GB of SD Card space is reserved for the special map data partition. The remainder of the space on the card will be formatted as a FAT32 partition and can be used for MP3 media. For this reason we recommend using a 32GB card for your map media, which will leave you with approximately 22GB space remaining for MP3s.

While maps are being read from a SD Card you can use the build in DVD drive for other purposes. For example playing an audio CD or MP3 data CD. Navigation functions from the SD Card will continue uninterrupted.

SD Card Map FAQ

Q: I've copied my maps to an SD Card using NavPOInt but the RNS-E still says "Please Insert Navigation Medium"?

A: Make sure you have the Map SD Card in slot 2 (right hand side).
Make sure you have placed the supplied licence.key file in the root directory of the SD card in slot 1 (left hand side).
If you only have one SD Card available you can also, but less ideally, place the licence.key file on the Map SD Card.
If the maps still won't load, eject the SD Card, wait 10 seconds, then re-insert the card.

Q: I've tried all of the above, and my SD Maps still won't work?

A: Do the other Feature Pack enhancements (album art, custom splash screens) work?
Perhaps you supplied us with an incorrect serial number for your RNS-E and so your licence.key file is invalid?
You can check your registration details in NavPOInt: Help -> About.
If it is wrong, contact us for support.

Q: The RNS-E says "Navigation Media not authorised for use in this unit"?

A: You've used an installation of NavPOInt with a different licence than the one registered to this RNS-E!
Use the correct install of NavPOInt to author the new navigation media for this unit.

These firmware updates are provided as is and free of charge.

However, if you found our work useful, please consider a donation.


Your support for this project is very much appreciated.