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Welcome. Here you will find a collection of firmware enhancements and bug fixes for your Audi RNS-E and Seat Media System E.

Program Clear

Not normally required, but useful in some situations.

For example maybe you want to load an older firmware - although note that all our custom firmwares include a downgrade option in the Engineering menu. You should certainly be using that in the first instance, shouldn't you?

A PRG Clear can also be used as part of the process to load the North American region firmware onto a European 192 RNS-E. But note that a slightly more complex procedure is required for a 192 unit.

DO NOT perform this procedure unless you are sure your DVD drive is working, or if you have a converted European 193 RNS-E in North America. The unit will briefly be in a state with no OS or application modules loaded, and only the Emergency Bootloader to save you. Here be dragons.


Determined to carry on regardless? Okay, on your head be it. Here's how to perform a Program Clear on your RNS-E:

  1. Enter engineering mode:
    • Press NAV
    • The unit should show the destination entry screen. Press RETURN if not.
    • Press and hold the top left quadrant key for 6 seconds and release
    • Press and hold the top right quadrant key for 6 seconds
    • The RNS-E Engineering Mode Menu will appear
  2. Select the "General" option from the menu
  3. Enter your PIN number using the main jog wheel:
    • Turn left 'N' clicks for the first digit of the pin
    • Turn right 'N' clicks for the second digit of the pin
    • Turn left 'N' clicks for the third digit of the pin
    • Turn right 'N' clicks for the forth digit of the pin
    • Press and hold NAV for 10 seconds
    • Two new options "Memory clear" and "PRG clear" should appear in the "Debugging" menu
    • NB: If you have a zero digit in your pin, tun the wheel 10 clicks for zero
  4. On the secret "Debugging Menu"
    • Scroll over to the "PRG clear" option and select it
    • Confirm "Delete program?": YES
  5. The software update process will start with the normal red screen and program the unit with the new region's firmware
  6. When the process completes the RNS-E will reboot, and then immediately perform a second update to flash the radio tuner firmware
  7. Wait for the second update to complete, enter your PIN and you are good to go

How PRG Clear Works

The "delete program" option erases the module directory from the program flash and reboots the unit. When the bootloader code sees the module directory is missing it performs an emergency recovery by forcing the flash loader to run from the current disk. It does this without checking for software level or if the supplied firmware is for the correct region (in fact the software level and region is stored in the module directory, so they have also been deleted).

These firmware updates are provided as is and free of charge.

However, if you found our work useful, please consider a donation.


Your support for this project is very much appreciated.