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Welcome. Here you will find a collection of firmware enhancements and bug fixes for your Audi RNS-E and Seat Media System E.

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Please read our Disclaimer before downloading and installing any firmware updates.

Firmware Installation Instructions

Installing a firmware update couldn't be easier. Here's how...

Please read the release notes to find out how to use any new features we added. Enjoy your new firmware!

Firmware Downgrade Instructions

We hope you are happy with your new firmware, but should you ever wish to go back to the stock firmware then downgrading is very easy.

February 2020 - Acorn Release - 0250 / 0680

RNS-E 193PU: SW 0250
RNS-E 192: SW 0680

Support for FIS-Control, switchable SDS, "red DIS bug" fix, plus many, many other usability improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

notes Release Notes

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SDS Firmware - 0230 / 0660

RNS-E 193PU: SW 0230
RNS-E 192: SW 0660

This version has the SDS permanently enabled. No other modifications.

Note: Reverting to stock firmware from this version requires VCDS. You cannot soft configure or downgrade from the engineering menus!

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Last Official Audi Firmware - 0220 / 0650

RNS-E 193PU: SW 0220
RNS-E 192: SW 0650

This is the last official Audi firmware release for the RNS-E without any modifications.

Use this version if you want to revert to the stock firmware.

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These firmware updates are provided as is and free of charge.

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