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Welcome. Here you will find a collection of firmware enhancements and bug fixes for your Audi RNS-E and Seat Media System E.

Arduino Sketches

RFSL/V-Signal Injector

Use this sketch to inject RFSL and V-Signal CANBUS messages when you are using a 193 RNS-E without dedicated hardware inputs on a A6, A2, TT 8N, etc.

You will need an Arduino UNO coupled with a MCP2515 CANBUS shield and a simple Zenner diode circuit to limit the input voltage from RFSL and V-Signal to 5V on the Arduino pins. RFSL input connects to pin 6 and V-Signal to pin 5.

download Arduino RFSL/V-Signal Injector Sketch

RFSL/V-Signal Injector with OPS Support

This sketch adds support for triggering the 193 OPS (Optical Parking System) display from an installed 8Z0-919-283 PDC (Park Distance Control) Module on an Audi A2 (8Z) / Audi A4 (8E2/8E5) / Audi A6 (4B).

You will need to add an interface to the K-Line from the Arduino TX and RX pins. You can use a STMicroelectronics E-L9637D IC for this, as it requires no additional external components. It's a SOIC8 package, but not too difficult to solder to a SOIC8 breakout board and then attach wires from there to the necessary pins on the Arduino board.

For an Audi A3 (8P) / Audi R8 (42) / Audi TT (8J) with 8P0-919-283 you will need to do diagnostics over CAN (as they do not support K-Line). However you'd probably be better fitting the 8P0-919-475 module on these vehicles, as that module supports the OPS system natively.

Note my understanding of the OPS CANBUS message format is not complete. What I know has been reverse engineered from the RNS-E firmware. If you can provide traces of the real message protocol on CANBUS IDs 0x497, 0x6DA and 0x67A it would be very helpful.

download Arduino RFSL/V-Signal Injector with OPS Sketch

Version 3 of our sketch for use with alpha firmware (which adds support for 8P0-919-283 rear only PDC modules).

download Arduino RFSL/V-Signal Injector with OPS Sketch V3

These firmware updates are provided as is and free of charge.

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