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Welcome. Here you will find a collection of firmware enhancements and bug fixes for your Audi RNS-E and Seat Media System E.


With the purchase of a Feature Pack our custom firmwares can display albumart on the RNS-E media screens.

Albumart is available for MP3s playing from the SD Cards or the integrated CD drive. This feature is not compatible with MP3s being played from external sources, such as CD changers, aux in or the AMI.

193 Albumart

193 Albumart

The 192 RNS-E supports basic albumart which requires albumart.bmp files to be added to the SD Card or CD media. Meanwhile our custom firmware for the 193 PU RNS-E is capable of reading albumart from either the MP3 ID3 tags, or albumart.jpg files.

Optimal Albumart Format

192 units support albumart from albumart.bmp files only. Unfortunately, because the 192 stock firmware supports neither ID3V2 tags nor JPEG decoding, our custom firmware is unable to add support for these formats. Optimal image format for the 192 RNS-E is 128x128 pixels with 15 bit RGB555 colour bitmap format.

193 units support albumart from either albumart.jpg files or read directly from the MP3 file ID3V2 tags. Optimal image format for the 193 PU RNS-E is 256x256 pixels jpeg format.

Albumart Utility

We provide a complimentary Windows Utility for automatically creating optimal RNS-E albumart files.

These firmware updates are provided as is and free of charge.

However, if you found our work useful, please consider a donation.


Your support for this project is very much appreciated.