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This is a hobby project by pcbbc, an Audi TT and RNS-E enthusiast.

Driven by his goal of retro-fitting a 193PU RNS-E into his Audi TT 8N, a vehicle which was only rarely fitted with a BNS navigation system from factory, pcbbc has fixed bugs and added extra features to the stock RNS-E firmware.

Lots of the features we have added, and bugs we have swatted, are equally applicable to other RNS-E equipped vehicles. So we present here a modified version of the firmware for your own use.



Free features and enhancements

  • V-Signal speed pulses over CANBUS in A6 mode for 193 units.
  • BCD Date/Time display fix for S4 platform
  • Support for FIS-Control
  • SDS Soft Coding
  • CAR Key Acts as SDS PTT
  • Show Map on Cold Boot
  • Reverse Gear over CAN
  • CAN Reverse Gear for A6 Mode (193PU only)
  • Lowercase Units on DIS
  • SDS System Restores 2D or 3D Map View
  • Start Screen Coding
  • Background Indexing of MP3 ID3 Tags (193PU only)
  • Red-DIS Protocol Fixes
  • Fix Abend Processing ID3 Tags
  • Fix Bug in Unicode Comment Tags (193PU only)
  • Fix Display of Kombi Date/Time in Engineering Menus
  • Reinstated A6 Coding (193PU only)
  • Fix Gala in A6 Mode (193PU only)
  • Display Speed Limits Icons in A6 Mode (193PU only)

...and many more

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RNS-E Feature Pack

Purchasing a feature pack fully enables the following additional features in our custom firmwares:

Audible POI Alert

Notify you of approaching user added POI (e.g. Safety Cameras) with an an audible alert.

MP3 Album Art

Display albumart on the RNS-E media screen.

Custom Splash Screen

Display your unique splash screen on startup of the RNS-E.

Digital Speedo - Now also for Colour DIS!

Add a digital speedo readout to the DIS compass screen.

MP3 Directory Cache

List of indexed mp3 tracks is cached to SD Card for faster boot times.

VIM Unlock (Video in Motion)

Display static screens from external media players via the RNS-E video input.

SD Card Maps - Now also for 192!

Store your navigation media on an RNS-E SD Card instead of a DVD.

SDHC Card Support for 192

Use SDHC cards up to 32GB with 192 units and up to 2000 mp3 tracks.

Custom Voice Guidance Languages

Navigation voice guidance in a selection of additional languages, from Bulgarian to Romanian.

Custom Radio Station Logos

Display radio station logos for selected stations.

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Latest News

March 2024

Our Guelder-Rose firmware makes it out of beta and becomes a stable release, plus we add radio logo packs for selection of European countries.

July 2023

Our NavPOInt software receives an update to allow English voice guidance phrases to be replaced with s selection of additional languages.

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